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Victory's prayer ministries

Open Heaven Prayer

Open Heaven is a continuation of the prayer movement that was the catalyst for the birth of Victory Church. Open Heaven prayer exists to foster an environment where the Victory family can enter into the presence of God and experience His goodness! Every Tuesday there is an opportunity to encounter God through worship, God’s Word, and through prayer. The atmosphere is charged with His presence and prayers are answered as we pursue Him together! Each week is unique and special as we lay down our agendas and seek His for the evening. Hearts changed, bodies healed, along with God’s purposes and plans revealed, are just a few of the things to expect when you walk into Open Heaven.

Altar Culture

Prayer is an integral part of the Victory experience. Many opportunities exist to engage God and each other at Victory through prayer. One of the most valued areas of prayer is our Altar Culture prayer time. Trained Prayer Partners stand at the ready to partner with you to touch the hem of Jesus’ garment to find an answer to your need or concern. Altar Culture exists to help in the process of seeing everyone saved, healed, and set free!  

One Church One Day

Victory Church is partnering with other churches in the region to see our communities transformed for God’s Kingdom! 30 churches are each committing to take One Day as a church and pray for that 24 hour period to see God heal our land, restore His righteousness, and revive our communities! Victory Church is one of the 30. Gideon had his 300 and now Mclean county has its 30! This an opportunity for the Victory family to be part of the solution for Mclean County and for the State of Illinois.