Victory Church



Dr. Ed Herald

Lead Pastor

Dr. Ed Herald is Victory Church's founding Pastor. For 20 years, Victory Church has been lead by Pastor Ed and his wife, Beth Herald. It is Pastor Ed's desire to see every believer truly encounter the Lord Jesus and become a healthy, well-established believer. Pastor Ed has his Doctorate of Theology from Global Theological University.

Pastor Ed provides decades of wisdom and ministry experience as he oversees the Executive Pastors Team and provides vision for Victory as a growing church.

Danny Dunbar

Elder of Finance

Elder Danny Dunbar serves on Victory Church's Elders Team as the Elder of Finance. He currently works for State Farm Bank in analytics. Elder Danny and his wife, Sherri, are faithful members of Victory Church. 

Ryan Seggelke


Elder Ryan Seggelke serves on Victory Church's Elders Team. Elder Ryan also oversees the Baptism Team where we monthly celebrate Water Baptisms in our Sunday services. Elder Ryan, his wife, Carrie, and their 4 children are faithful members of Victory Church.

Bill Swindle


Elder Bill Swindle serves on Victory Church's Elders Team where he brings decades of ministry experience, wisdom and a deep passion for teaching the Word of God. Elder Bill is active in mentoring ministers and teachers at Victory Church. He and his wife, Judy, are active missionaries and faithful members of Victory Church.


Jarrod Herald

Executive Pastor

Pastor Jarrod Herald serves as Victory Church's Executive Pastor. Pastor Jarrod has a passion to see people encounter the Living God and enjoy His presence in every area of their lives. Pastor Jarrod, his wife, Elizabeth and their 6 children are faithful members of Victory Church. With over 20 years of ministry experience and musical background, Pastor Jarrod oversees the development of ministries, leaders and teams in multiple ministries of Victory Church. He also has an Associates Degree of Theology from Global Theological University and a certificate of completion from WorshipU from Bethel Church's school of worship.

As Executive Pastor, Jarrod oversees all Victory pastors and the leadership teams who serve hands-on throughout the ministries of Victory Church.

Brian Fatheree

Associate Pastor of Reach, Prayer & Welcome Ministries

Pastor Brian Fatheree is the Associate Pastor of Reach, Prayer and Welcome Ministries. Pastor Brian is currently on staff at Victory Church where he brings decades of ministry experience. He previously served as senior pastor of a local church in Peoria, Illinois before he and his family joined Victory Church. Pastor Brian and his wife, Leslie, are faithful members of Victory Church.

Pastor Brian oversees Reach Ministries which includes World Missions, local outreach partnerships including Habitat for Humanity, Special Olympics & Home Sweet Home Ministries. Additionally, Pastor Brian oversees the prayer service called Open Heaven and prayer partners, as well as the Welcome Ministries which include ushers, security, and greeters.

Beth Herald

Associate Pastor of Victorious Ladies & Care Ministries

Pastor Beth Herald is the Victorious Ladies Pastor of Victory Church where she provides leadership, team development and mentoring to the women of Victory. Pastor Beth also brings decades of business experience. She worked for State Farm Insurance for 15 years before entering the real-estate field where she has worked an additional 15 years. She has a passion to see the lives of women equipped and empowered by the Word and presence of God.

Pastor Beth oversees the Victorious Ladies Ministry that includes an annual Women's Conference and multiple women's gatherings throughout the year. Additionally, she oversee the Care Ministries of Victory which include Hospitality, Funerals & Weddings, Special Events, and Member & Pastoral Care.

Richard Robinson

Associate Pastor of New Life

Pastor Richard Robinson is the Associate Pastor of New Life at Victory Church where he helps new believers grow in their faith and relationship with God. Pastor Richard provides years of ministry experience which includes previously serving as a local senior pastor in Bloomington-Normal. Pastor Richard and his wife, Tuey, are faithful members of Victory Church.

John and Annette Fellows

Associate Pastors:  Celebrate Recovery,  Men's Ministry,  Facilities, Church Strategy & Planning

John and Annette  Fellows are the Associate Pastors of Celebrate Recovery (CR), a ministry for Self-defeating and Compulsive Behaviors.  In addition to CR,  John oversees the Facilities department and the Maintenance and Custodial teams.  John also oversees 'Fierce', Victory's Men's Ministry. Annette leads the  Church Strategy Team to assist Victory leaders to set goals, plan and cast vision for their ministries.  Annette also leads the Celebrate Recovery band and plays keys and sings for Worship Ministries on Sunday.  

John and Annette reside in Bloomington, and have four children and 6 grandchildren. Their daughter,  Taryn and her husband Jason, lead Refuge Student Ministries and Taryn is a Worship Leader at Victory.  Cymantha  leads a team in the Multi-media department at Victory.  Their sons are also active at their churches:   Josh is on his worship team at Life Link Church in Phoenix, AZ  and Cole is an Assistant Pastor at Founding Faith Church, Atlanta, GA.  

If you have any questions about Celebrate Recovery or any of the ministries John and Annette oversee, click on the contact link below.

Jason and Taryn Holt

Pastors of Refuge Student Ministries

Jason and Taryn Holt are the Pastors of Refuge Student Ministries here at Victory Church. They both started working in Youth Ministry in 2011 and have been active members of Victory for over 5 years. Jason and Taryn have been married since 2012  and together they have 2 amazing little girls Reagan and Kennedy. If you have any questions about Refuge or want to know more about Jason and Taryn contact them below . 


George Clark

Support Director

George oversees and leads the teams for the ushers, security and parking.

Elizabeth Herald

Care Director

 Elizabeth oversees and leads the team within the Care team.

Chris Meyer

Communications & Women's Ministry Director

Chris brings years of ministry experience and has worked at State Farm for over 35 years.  Her and her husband, Jim, have 4 grown children and 4 grandsons.  Chris’ desire is to see women engage and grow together and that everyone receives communication in a timely manner.

Chris is the director over the Women’s Ministries and leads a team who connects women in our community through an annual Women’s Conference, annual Christmas Tea and various events throughout the year.  Chris is also the director over the Communications teams who provides administrative, editing, designing, printing for social media, website, apps, marketing, victory news, bulletins and more.

Kalyn Petersen

Welcome Director

Kalyn oversees and leads the Host teams who welcome and greet all those who come through the Victory doors.  Her team also provides assistance to those who come to the Information Center.

Judy Swindle 

Missions Director

Judy oversees all missions trips for the Victory family

Danny Dunbar

Financial Director

Danny oversees and manages the team and financial activities within Victory.

Leslie Fatheree

Connections Director

Leslie Fatheree oversees and manages all the teams who connect new and current members to ministries within Victory.

Jessica Nesby

KidzVille Director

Jessica Nesby oversees all teams and activities within the KidzVille ministry.

Julie Stine

Life Pantry Director

Julie Stine oversees and manages the team and activities for our Life Pantry.

Larry Stine

Life Pantry Director

Larry Stine oversees and manages the team and activities for our Life Pantry.


Olen Griffin

Apostolic Elder

Pastor Olen Griffing has been Victory Church's Apostolic Elder for over 15 years. Pastor Olen is Pastor Ed Herald's personal pastor and overseer. Pastor Olen Griffing is also one of the Apostolic Elders of Gateway Church. Victory Church is also a part of the Gateway Church Network.

Kerry Kirkwood

Prophetic Overseer

Pastor Kerry Kirkwood has been connected with Victory Church for over 15 years now. Pastor Kerry serves is the Senior Pastor of Trinity Fellowship Church in Tyler, Texas where he serves as the founding pastor. Pastor Kerry flows strongly in the prophetic for the edification of the body of Christ. 

John & Martine Smithwick

Missions Overseer

John & Martine Smithwick are passionate about seeing souls saved with the Good News of Jesus. In 20 years of missions, John & Martine, and their ministry Global Ventures, have seen over 2,000,000 lives transformed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Victory Church is one of the partner churches with Global Ventures where we participate in 4 missions trips a year to nations all over the world.

Dr. Leon van Rooyen

Apostolic Elder

Dr. Leon van Rooyen is the founder and leader over Global Ministries & Relief. Dr. Leon provides leadership and ministry development from decades of ministry experience. He also oversees Global Theological University; a ministry school for tens of thousands around the globe.