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Everything that we do in KidzVille can be summed up in three words:   Knowing,   Loving,   Living.
KidzVille is all about teaching our children how to know God and His Word, love God and others, and, ultimately, how to live it out!

Sunday Morning Check-In opens at 9:45 am.

STAFFED NURSERY (Newborn to 18 months)
Our nursery is designed with one thought in mind: Every little baby in this room feels and knows they are loved. Each leader that is serving in this room will pray over each baby; speaking life and truth over their lives.

BAIT & TACKLE ROOM (18 months to Potty Trained years)
Our toddler room is always in a state of motion. We understand the little ones love to run around and play games with each other. But we also know at this age their minds are like little sponges. Each Sunday we teach the children a Bible lesson which includes an activity. We have 10 lessons we focus on! When the children move into the next classroom they will know ten, two word phrases. Such as: Jesus Loves, Jesus Cares, Help Others. They will also be learning Bible lessons through two awesome characters named Boomer and GoGo.

PET STORE (Potty Trained to Pre-School)
When creating this rooms, we made sure to set up a play area for games. This is a great age to teach the children about rules and responsibility. Our main focus in this room is to help the children know that they can trust in God. We also use this time to develop relationships with the children. In this room we start building on the 2 word phrases they learned from the Bait & Tackle classroom. In this room we have active lessons. Which means the children are not sitting down the entire time the lesson is being taught.

In the Caf? we put even more focus on the lesson time. The children will have a good time of fellowship, but in the Caf? they will start to learn and understand more about God?s Word and what that means to them. We focus on more prayer as well.

KV THEATRE ROOM (Grades 1st and 2nd)
In the KV Theatre classroom, we go deeper into God's Word by teaching the children why we believe what we believe. We also teach and lead the children to understand what real prayer and worship time with God is all about. Children share prayer requests and even share answered prayer to build their faith.

THE GARAGE (Grades 3rd and 4th)
The Garage is the last step in KidzVille before the children enter into the youth ministry. Because of this, we have "Open Discussion" lessons. We ask questions to get the children involved with figuring out the answer and we always direct them to God's Word to figure out the answer to the questions we ask.

If you have any other questions about KidzVille, please contact either Pastor Brandon Herald.

Welcome to KidzVille!

The Kindergarten Caf?

Welcome to KidzVille!

The Pet Store class is for kidz ages 3 years old (potty trained) to 4.

Our staffed Nursery is available for children newborn to 18 months.

Safe and secure check-in of your child happens here at the KV Depot.

The KV Theatre class is for kidz in grades 1st through 4th.

KidzVille includes a Gas Station, Police Station, Antique Shop, Bowling Alley, and much more!