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If the recording you're looking for isn't listed below, you can search for it by title or the name of the speaker using the search box below. If you still can't find it, or if you would like to order it on CD, send us an email. We've got most events recorded and archived since 2001, and can try to find it for you if you need it. To order a CD, email your request to
cd.messages@victorypeople.org. The cost to order a CD is $2, but this cost is waived for guest speakers and volunteers who serve at Victory and were not able to attend a service. If you need your CD shipped to you, please add $3 for shipping costs (total 5$), and let us know what address you would like it shipped to, and your email address or phone number.

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Doc Listen Topic - Speaker - Date
  Sunday Morning Guest Speaker - Missionary Chris O'Dell - August 12, 2018
  Habitation Series: August - Pastor Ed Herald - August 5, 2018
  Special Mortgage Burning Announcement and Healed Series: Divine Healing - Pastor Ed Herald - July 29, 2018
  Saved Series: Saved For Eternity - Pastor Ed Herald - July 22, 2018
  Saved Series: Saved To Serve - Pastor Ed Herald - July 15, 2018
  Saved Series: Saved By Love - Pastor Ed Herald - July 8, 2018
  Saved Series: Saved From Sin - Pastor Ed Herald - July 1, 2018
  If You Say So Series: No More Lack - Pastor Ed Herald - June 24, 2018
  If You Say So Series: No More Lies - Pastor Ed Herald - June 17, 2018
  If You Say So Series: No More Labels - Pastor Ed Herald - June 10, 2018
  If You Say So Series: Heart Burn - Pastor Jarrod Herald - May 27, 2018