School of Worship

School of Worship

SCHOOL OF WORSHIP NIGHTS: These special nights of worship and creative arts training will be held 3 to 4 times a year on the last Thursday of each Quarter. School Of Worship Nights (SOWN) will feature guest worship leaders and creative arts teachers and mentors! SOWN will also provide specific training classes in all-things-worship and arts, including but not limited to, vocalists, musicians, dancers, photographers, writers, media techs, choirs, worship leaders, songwriters, and more! Anyone can attend SOWN. We will even have worship and arts classes for children ages 8 and older. 

Worshippers, artists and teams from other churches are most welcome to attend as well! SOWN is a Kingdom-minded endeavor to see worship, arts, and worship participation increase in your church and ministry.

Please note that a love offering will be received for guest teachers and trainers.
In the COMMENTS secton of your registration process, make sure to tell us which class you'd like to attend at each School Of Worship Night.

WORKSHOP CLASS SELECTIONS like the following may be provided at each School Of Worship Night.

  • Musicianship & Music Circles
  • Class Voice
  • Worship Leading
  • Dance
  • Kids Worship Band
  • General Worship Studies
  • Photography
  • Sound & Media 
  • Art
  • Creative Writing & Poetry
  • Youth Worship Band
  • Choirs
  • and more

With questions or to register please contact School Of Worship Pastors Jarrod & Elizabeth Herald or use the form on this page to register.

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